Training for the ECD facilitators and caregivers of the Agargaon and Pallabi (extension) centers is going on.

A 15 days long training for the ECD facilitators and caregivers has commenced on 7th March. 8 participants (3 facilitators, 3 caregivers, 1 center manager, 1 center officer) each from the Agargaon Community Center and Pallabi (extension) Community Center; Programs Associate and Programs Officer (Community) of INCLUDED i.e. total 18 participants and 2 Trainers are participating in this training. 2 very professional and expert trainers from the Directorate of Primary Education (DPE), Ministry of Mass and Primary Education is providing this training. The trainees are being trained on the Pre-Primary Curriculum of the govt. 's National Curriculum and Textbook Board's curriculum.