Gabriel Mellan in action with Uttam Rai, star of Day 1, as both of them start getting comfortable in a new environment with new people. "How are you?" asks Uttam with the little knowledge of English that he has and is replied with a "Thik cha (I'm Fine)" by Gabriel--the only Nepali words that he knows.

Gabriel ascended to Kathmandu on 6th April to make a video documentary for INCLUDED. He followed Uttam for the rest of the day and the boys managed to squeeze in some time for a short game of football, which they both claimed they had won themselves, in their own native language. The filming started on the 7th of April and ended on the 9th of April, successfully. "You are the most organized team I have worked with so far, maybe you should tell the others' how you do it,” told the movie maker.

Report by Suhasha Malla