Pushpa Rai, a member of mom’s club at Monohara Community Center, called Smriti Karki, program officer after office on 12th March with delight to share about her job contract with Shine Cleaning Company. The company selected her over five other eligible candidates after a month long on the job training.

After understanding the importance of the Moms’ club, she has taken a step forward in attempting to convince its benefits to other mothers. The club, she believes, can become a platform to facilitate the development of all women by providing different life skills, vocational trainings and job opportunities to the mothers so that they can support themselves and their children. For Pushpa, it is a feeling of pride to be able to work for a company and come out of the four corners of her house as an independent mother.

Pushpa also expresses that the activities that are carried out by the community center, though in a nascent state, has helped improve the physical and mental status of all the members—children, youths, parents and mothers—in the slum society.

Report by Smriti Karki