Anjana is 15 years old has been a part of After School Program (ASP) for 3 years. Tutoring during ASP has helped her pass all of her exams and especially excel in social studies. She is one of four students who receive all of the required school notebooks from ASP. But Anjana’s favorite part of ASP is getting to work with her best friend Akriti.

Anjana was born near Manohara and has lived in the community for almost her whole life. She loves the community of Manohara and all of the friendly neighbors. Every morning she cooks lunch for her parents and her younger sister (hopefully she makes her favorite fried potatoes!). Anjana’s mother works as a carpet weaver and her father works construction.

After ASP Anjana returns home to help her parents in the home and then continues studying. She hopes that her hard work will help her reach her goal of becoming a nurse so that she can serve other needy people.

Report by Meredith Cantwell