Shiva and Sarita Karki celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary in a special way this year. They spend the day with the kids at the Jadibuti Community Center and offered a complete day meal to the children attending the center on the day.

The children started with a hot cup of milk, followed by having rice pudding with dry fruits, Laddus (sweets), and varieties of fruits.

Mr and Mrs. Karki, patron of Pratyna Naya Digo Kirti (PNDK), a partner of INCLUDED in Nepal, were delighted with the center facilities and expressed their thanks for offering a better environment and education to the children. They gifted 100 copies of single line notebooks for After School Program (ASP) children.

The young children are adjusting to the daily schedule of the center. The children especially today, were quiet and happily accepting the new faces at the center, and in few weeks, have found their comfort zone in the center.

Report by Smriti Karki