Observation at our Open House Weekend Soccer Program

We were lucky enough to witness a moment of triumph while teaching soccer at our Open House Weekend this Saturday. Most of the students in the class were boys, with only two lone girls in attendance. During one of the shooting exercises (where kids would have to try to kick the ball into a goal to practice accuracy), one of the girls came up to kick. Before, all the boys had been making fun of her, and she had been the last one picked. But she came up to the line, and as all the kids yelled conflicting cheers (“Oh no, not her!” “Kick it in!” “Hurry up!”), she cautiously but precisely gave the ball a well-aimed push with her foot. It rolled slowly into the goal, and the moment of pride that washed across the girl’s face as she scored for her team was priceless. She walked back to her team with an obviously changed sense of confidence and was greeted by a much more welcoming team.