Xidian Community Center

At the Xidian Center parents have come to see the center as their own. With our classrooms painted with bright stories, parents and their children always linger after class to borrow and read a book from the center’s library. Their love of reading is truly inspirational!

Center Establishment Date

April 2012


Ding Fu Huang Village, Changping District, Beijing, China

Estimated Local Population


Migrant Industry

Food vendors and retail services

Within the Immediate Vicinity

2 public elementary schools, 10 kindergartens


300 square meters containing 1 large classroom, 4 small classrooms and an activity room with a library and an office


Average beneficiary numbers

After School Program 920
Family Education 40
Personal Development 70
Health Awareness 75
Early Childhood Development 120
Teacher Training 40
Total 1265