Pallabi Community Center

Pallabi (extension) Community Center remains a vibrant, colourful and buzzing place for the children, parents and wider community from when the doors open at 8 am right through to 7 pm in the evening. It's playground adds an extra element of fun for the students.

Center Establishment Date

1st April, 2014


Pallabi, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Estimated Local Population


Migrant Industry

Day labour, garment workers, painters, construction, rickshaw pullers, security

Within the Immediate Vicinity

2 Government primary schools, 3 NGO primary education facilities (2 formal, 1 non-formal), 3 Kindergartens, 4 high schools, 1 vocational school


1300 sq.ft ground floor, 3 classrooms, 1 center library, 1 center office, 2 toilets


Average beneficiary numbers

Early Childhood Development 180
After School Program 120
Family Education 160
Total 460