Frequently asked questions


INCLUDED does essential work in difficult places, particularly the slums where migrants are crowded into the margins of big cities. Starting in Beijing, we are now also active in Shanghai, Kathmandu and Dhaka, with a goal of ten cities and a hundred community centers worldwide.

INCLUDED is a nonprofit organization registered in Hong Kong, United Kingdom and United States. We have also established a charitable fund under the Ministry of Civil Affairs in Beijing and registered as a local nonprofit in Shanghai under the Minhang District Government.

What does INCLUDED do?

INCLUDED strategically builds community centers in the heart of migrant neighborhoods. Through and around these centers, we offer programs for migrant children and their family.

These centers provide a network, within cities and between cities, for improving the work we do through best practice and hands-on experience. Partnerships, both practical and academic, are at the heart of our approach. We spread knowledge and awareness to governments, institutions, businesses and the public.

We and our affiliates provide practical help through community centers where migrant children and their families can get the essentials for a more inclusive life: education, advice, personal development and health.

What is the Communities of Promise™ network?

Communities of Promise (ComProm) is a network which provides resources and support to existing organizations who are also serving migrants or organizations who aspire to open their own community center to serve migrants.

What is a Community Cube™?

A community cube is a “Community Center in a Box”. It is a community center constructed from shipping containers.

This model provides a mobile, flexible, scalable and sustainable solution to enable INCLUDED and other interested organizations to serve greater numbers of migrants.

What does this partnership with China Social Welfare Foundation mean for INCLUDED?

The partnership provides INCLUDED with a legal identity as registering as a nonprofit is difficult in China. It also provides INCLUDED with the ability to connect with local government contacts in other cities outside of Beijing. The partnership also allows us to fundraise in China and provide tax deductible receipts to donors.

Who is the China Social Welfare Foundation (CSWF)?

The China Social Welfare Foundation’s main purpose is to develop social welfare education projects and support special communities in China. Established in 2005, CSWF is a national public-fundraising foundation under the Ministry of Civil Affairs. The Foundation aims to rescue those in danger and to relieve those in need.

CSWF assists communities who face challenges in completing their national education and vocational training; rebuilds people’s confidence in life; improves the living conditions of the aged, orphans and disabled children and supports related educational institutions to train professionals in the management of social work.

Now that INCLUDED has a signed partnership with China Social Welfare Foundation, why not have the government provide free facilities in China?

Our long-term goal since early in our founding is to see the institution of the government eventually take initiative to open hundreds, if not thousands, of community centers as an essential part of the fabric of migrant communities and urban society. We're still working towards that goal.

Why has China Social Welfare Foundation chosen to partner with INCLUDED?

CWEF is a unique organization with a mission to provide services to vulnerable populations such as street children and the elderly. INCLUDED’s mission of serving migrant children and the migrant communities complements CWEF’s mission and we share a common hope for the future of this country.

Has INCLUDED’s work finished in China and why are you expanding to other parts of Asia?

We will continue to work in China, it's the anchor point of our story. China's further expansion out from Beijing and Shanghai will be initiated by our local China leadership and supported by local resources from within China. We are expanding into Asia (and eventually Africa) because the migrant issue is not limited to China, but is a global issue. Up to 1 in 3 people in the world will live in a migrant slum. We're working to place small connected teams in 10 strategic cities so we can identify best practice and eventually, help tell the global story of the migrant slum issue. We've been building with an eye towards this for the last four years.

Will INCLUDED be using the Commuity Cube™ for all of it’s future community centers?

We will when we can. Not all communities have the space for it and shipping containers are not the solution for each place. We do believe in good design, we do believe in facility solutions which are mobile and can be moved with the communities as they are demolished and need to find another place. We'll continue to innovate solutions with this in mind. At times, we'll still invest into existing structures because that may be the best solution for that location but we'll do our best to keep it bright and quality and durable. Because good design brings dignity. We so often give our second-hand effort and solutions for the vulnerable in our communities. We believe that the opposite should be true, that we should give them the best we have to offer, whenever we can.