We believe that all things worth doing are worth doing well and in many cases, this takes multiple voices and perspectives. We also believe that we don’t have the monopoly on what it takes to best serve the migrant children. This is why we attempt to partner as much as possible. Our strategy is to partner with other NGOs and community and government leaders to leverage resources and enable us to achieve our vision of an inclusive city for migrant communities.

Project Partners

Coup de Foudre
Peninsula Hotels

Affiliate Partners | Communities of Promise Network


Agape is a migrant community center where migrant children can develop their potential; migrant youth find acceptance and hope; underprivileged migrant families experience love and compassion. It provides services like after school tutoring, weekend children’s activities, parents club, home visit and medical counseling.

Caochangdi Free Library

It offers free book borrowing services for children. In addition, the children are courage to be librarians to organize and build the library. It gives the children a chance to change their world around them.

Element Sunflower

Founded in May, 2008, Element Sunflower is a volunteer team serving disabled teenagers and migrant children based in Beijing. It provides services like cerebral palsy orphans care, art classes for migrant children, charity sale, etc. It also publishes a magazine called Element Sunflower.

LEAD Yanguang Club

Through weekend classes like Chinese class, English class, computer class, and art class, the club makes an effort to promote the development of migrant children, their schools, and communities.

Lotus House

This is a small public organization providing support for children in the community to read and study, aiming at raising their reading interests by various kinds of activities like ‘picture book reading’, ‘little Newton lab’, ‘little painter’, and ‘after school tutoring’ and promoting Chinese traditional culture at the same time. During the one-year operation, the community center will develop several sub-projects, such as After School Program, Open House Weekend, Family Education, and Camps.

Mulan Community Center

It provides services like art performance group and free library mainly for migrant women workers and migrant children by connecting them with college students and community volunteers. The mission of this organization is to expand women's social relations, increase people contact and interaction, expand cultural and living space, enhance their sense of independence and gender equality, and better adapt and integrate into city life. During the one-year operation, the community center will develop several sub-projects, such as After School Program, Open House Weekend, Family Education, and Camps.


It is a community center provides services for migrant children who from 5 to 12 years old such as computer tutoring, English class, after school tutoring, legal services, summer camp, and reading club. It is designed to offer more community-based education resources for migrant children and help them to develop better behaviors.

Tianjin Guoren Home of Workers

As an organization provides services for migrant people working at Tianjin, Green Grand Community Service builds a platform for migrant people to learn knowledge, make friends and have fun. It offers activities like free library, computer class, Karaoke, and lectures about Chinese culture.

Xinjumin Children Center

Through the activities like traditional culture learning and parent-offspring education, Xinjumin offers an opportunity for the migrant parents and children to develop better relationships. It aims to enhance the comprehensive quality of migrant people and enrich their life.

Donor Partners

We literally would not be able to do the work we do without the generous support of both financial, service, and item donations by the following partners. Thank you for your partnership in this effort!

Major Financial Donors

Goldman Sachs
CLSA Chairmans Trust
Geneva Global
ASC Wines
Citi Bank
Deutsche Bank
JP Morgan
United World Way

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