Jonathan Hursh

Built off the back of his nine years of experience in slums in Asia, Jonathan has launched a new social enterprise to redesign the slum and its role in the city for this century. Utopia is a design and urban planning firm aiming to create the future of slums, what we call Slums 2.0. It is beginning to orchestrate resources and projects globally to build “new to the world” solutions is creating a fresh perspective on releasing the potential for slums for the entire world. Its goal is to partner with cities to create blueprints for a new type of slum that can be used across their country and region.

In his secondary role as founder and chairman of INCLUDED, Jonathan stimulates its overall strategy, supports its global operations, and is a chief connector. Founding the organization in Beijing in 2006, INCLUDED is on path to build out a linked network of 10 strategic cities and 100 community centers across the world to advance the cause of migrant slums. Jonathan deeply believes that smart cities are inclusive cities towards their migrants. As chairman of the organization, Jonathan supports the CEO’s efforts.

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