Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who can become an Included volunteer?

Included has no specific requirements about candidates’ age, gender or profession. We currently have university students, full-time employees and small amount of excellent high school students volunteering in our programs, and we welcome anyone who is university-aged and above who are willing to help migrant children.

Q2. Are the volunteer requirements the same for all of Included’s programs?

We require all our volunteers to have a sense of commitment and responsibility. Specific requirements for different programs may vary depending on which position the candidate applies for, e.g. the job description and hours of volunteer teachers on the After School Program is different from those of office-based assistants for the Volunteer Department.

Q3. How can I get updated information about Included’s volunteer programs?

The volunteer information is posted on our website and updated accordingly. Go to Included homepage Click Volunteer Click Apply Online

Q4. I have registered online but have not yet received any response. Why is this?

Included staff updates the volunteer information we receive from our online application system on a weekly basis and will send out a confirmation email to each candidate. We’ll try our best to inform you results within 2 weeks, so your patience is appreciated. Due to the large volume of emails we receive, Included will try our best to reply to all individual email requests.

Q5. What does the entire volunteer procedure look like?

Fill out the application form – Interview – Acceptance Orientation & Training – Volunteer Service – Support & Supervision – Mid-Term Training – Support & Supervision – Evaluation & Feedback Celebration

Q6. What is the purpose of the interview? How are interviews conducted?

The purpose of the interview is not only for Included to better understand you, but also for you to learn more about Included and the program that you are applying for. The interview format will depend on the position that you are applying for. Some positions have the option of doing a phone interview, while others will require a face to face meeting. Once you apply, an Included staff will contact you for the interview details.

Q7. I missed the volunteer orientation. Can I still participate in the program?

Included will arrange only one orientation and training for volunteers in each program. The orientation and training is usually conducted one or two weeks before the program starts (please refer to the volunteer page for updated details). Volunteers who miss the orientation or training should contact the Volunteer Department of Included, and our staff will try to assist you with your placement either as a volunteer or a substitute volunteer and arrange an informal training session for you if time permits. However, if volunteer positions are full, Included may give priority to those volunteers who can fully commit to the programs.

Q8. Can Included provide a certificate in specific format or a reference letter?

The certificate Included provides is the proof of your volunteer work here. If the university/school of the volunteer requires a specific form of certificate, the volunteer should discuss this with Included staff. Depending on the specific circumstances, a certificate can be issued. Included will also prepare a reference letter upon request for volunteers who have served for a total of at least 30 hours. Included can be a reference for no more than 3 universities or work places.

Q9. Will I obtain any form of certificate for volunteering at Included?

Included requires volunteers to attend at least 80% of the volunteer session they have committed to. Volunteers who have fulfilled this requirement with a total service time of at least 15 hours will be awarded a certificate by Included. Certificates will be given out during the celebration after the end of the program.

Q10. I am only available during weekends. Can I still volunteer?

Sure you can! The fact is, some of the programs Included operates are during weekends, e.g. the Super Saturdays program. Volunteers on these programs usually spend their weekend with the migrant children. You are more than welcome to join this weekend team.

Q11. I am not sure if I can be there every weekend. Can I still sign up to volunteer?

Included expects volunteers to commit throughout the program. Programs in Spring and Fall usually last for 10-13 weeks, and volunteers are requested to attend the program once a week for 3 hours. Winter and Summer Camps require volunteers to attend programs every day (3 hours) for at least one week. If you could not commit for the whole program cycle, Included may give priority to those volunteers who can fully commit. Each program has different commitment levels, please refer to the volunteer page for more details. We would suggest you become a substitute volunteer or join the assistance team of the program.

Q12. I have special skills or talents, how else can I get involved besides volunteering in the regular programs?

Included has periodically had a few short-term volunteer positions, such as Community Center Promotion events, translation, home visit, fundraising, training, public relation, program preparing, curriculum design, graphic design, volunteer recruitment, office assistant, event planning and so on. If you are interested in a short-term volunteer assignment, please fill out the application form.

Q13. Do I have to have good English language skills to become an Included volunteer? Is the interview conducted in English?

Some volunteer positions will require volunteers to possess certain level of English skills. For example, volunteers for the English Summer Camp program are required to to be fluent in English, since in this program, Included cooperates with international groups to arrange various camp activities for migrant children. Candidates who apply for these positions will be interviewed in English. Other positions may not have specific English language requirements and for such programs the interviews will not be conducted in English.

Q14. I am not in Beijing but would like to volunteer with CMC as a volunteer. Can I still be interviewed? Does Included provide any food, traffic or accommodation arrangements?

Included’s programs are mainly based in Beijing and Shanghai in China, and most of our volunteers live in Beijing and Shanghai. Included can arrange telephone interviews for those not based in Beijing or Shanghai, and volunteers can then arrange their trips to Beijing or Shanghai after the interview. Included is not able to provide any kind of food, traffic or accommodation assistance to volunteers.

Q15. Can I become an intern of Included after fulfilling my volunteer obligation?

It is a good idea to become a volunteer first since we would like our interns to have some basic knowledge of our programs. However, due to the limited number of intern positions, Included cannot guarantee every volunteer an intern position. Volunteers applying for an intern position will be given priority, but they are still required to attend an interview.

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